Can I change my CarbonLaze file?
CarbonLaze was created to increase the productivity of laser designers, while helping to create more authentic and natural looking laser files. It is fully anticipated that designers and manufacturers would want to modify the file after it has been converted. This can easily be done in Photoshop or other software programs.

Why is the file so slow to convert?
The user's internet bandwidth will have the most impact on the time to convert files to CarbonLaze. Size (cm x cm) and DPI will have an impact on the time it takes as well, but for the sake of quality, it is important that the dimensions be similar to the actual production file and the DPI be high (72-150 DPI is preferred). However, the user can experiment with both size and DPI to get the best results.

What if the CarbonLaze file is too flat?
Typically the CarbonLaze output is very similar to the input file. If the file uploaded is flat, it is anticipated that the output file would also be flat. The quality of the picture and the accuracy of the file selection can have a dramatic impact on the input/output quality.

Why is the CarbonLaze file too light or too dark?
A light or dark file can depend upon the lighting conditions of the picture taken by the camera. Also, if the file is too light after conversion, try reducing the DPI of the file before importing into CarbonLaze to around 50 DPI or less.

How do I remove details such as pockets or destruction?
The details can be simply removed in Photoshop by using the clone tool. Destruction from the image is recommended to be removed before converting the design in CarbonLaze, because the bright effect of the destruction threads will influence the overall look of the design and could result in a different output.

What DPI should the picture be before importing into CarbonLaze?
To achieve best results, we prefer to use higher DPI on DSLR cameras or newer mobile phones. The higher the DPI, the effect is much more natural and realistic. Our recommendation is between 72 DPI to 150 DPI.

Should I change DPI in CarbonLaze?
Generally, the default is 72 DPI. It is the default DPI in most of the phones and cameras. When you import a 72 DPI file in CarbonLaze, we suggest keeping DPI as it is (72) and only change the width if required. This will give you a natural result with a good amount of feathering. After importing the same file, the DPI should change in the laser software to 34 or 32.

How can I get a softer and less detailed result from CarbonLaze?
Reduce the DPI of the file before importing into CarbonLaze to around 50 DPI or less.