Getting Started
Please Follow the Given Instructions to Capture your Garment for
1 - Make sure you have Proper Light to enhance garment dry process / Chemical effects / high and lows.
2 - Set DPI between 72-150 and make sure image dimensions are approximate to the garment size.

High DPI Picture Results vs Low DPI Picture Results

3 - Make sure you have a well-pressed garment. Any folds or creases will show on the CarbonLaze file.

Example of Non-Pressed Garment

As you can see there unnecessary high and lows, which will take more time in PhotoShop to edit. These errors will remain after wash.

Example of Well-Pressed Garment

In the above Example, you can see the press quality of the garment. No creases or folds were on the file. Also, the result looks natural with high and low intensities.

Video tutorial on how to use CarbonLaze software.